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The main objective for the outsourcing of the support and maintenance is to reduce the costs spent on these permanent processes. It is also important to remember the efficiency and stability that comes from adequate maintenance of your systems.  Global Spade offers a long term beneficial IT outsourcing collaboration to support and maintain all IT units of your enterprise, from servers and DBMS to corporate website and enterprise management software.

The collaboration is built in the Service Level Agreement approach which gives you clearness and flexibility. Global Spade’s engineers are ready not only to support existing units but also suggest the improvements and modifications to your software installed in order to optimize costs of your enterprise system and maximize the efficiency of its functionality on the basis of the use of modern technologies.


In the most cases support and maintenance contracts are run under the collaboration model of Dedicated Teams. Global Spade can suggest different approaches so the customer can choose the most beneficial model.

Fixed Contract

Global Spade can offer an annual contract for a fixed cost service. Under this model, the contract is based on the SLA agreement and the customer is charged a fixed price, regardless of the efforts that are spent on managing and completing tasks. Global Spade will assume most risks on its side.

Customers of fixed contract services are also able to benefit from quarterly or half yearly maintenance visits for proactive servicing of their equipment.

Hours Purchase Contract

Another option is to sign the hours purchase arrangement. This is a where a customer makes an advance purchase of hours rates below our time & materials rates. When making a support request, these hours are deducted from the pool of existing hours, until they are exhausted.

Global Spade distinguishes three types of hours purchased:

  • Pre-planned hours. These hours are the basis of the contract. The customer purchases these hours planning to use 100%. Amount of hours is purchased for the year or half a year and the customer pays for whole pool of hours. The price of these hours is the lowest. The size of pool of these hours is agreed before the support period starts and cannot be changed later.
  • Possible hours. Another pool of support hours can be agreed when signing the contract. When the customer needs additional work, the efforts are deducted from the pool and the customer is charged only for the actually used hours.
  • Additional hours. The customer can order additional hours for the support and maintenance tasks at any time during the contract. The price of these hours is the highest and the customer is also charged only for actually used hours.

Time & Materials

One of the most common approaches is based on the Time and Material collaboration model. The hour price and SLA are agreed when signing the contract. The customer receives the time spent reports with clear description of tasks performed and is charged for those efforts.


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