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Reengineering & Migration

Re-engineering and migration are important permanent processes for organizations that are constantly upgrading themselves to maintain a modern and dynamic business. The reasons are simple. You are always facing difficulties while optimizing the business processes if you have legacy systems. On the other hand, legacy systems drive up maintenance costs. The strategic way is to a build a long term plan that incorporates how to upgrade and grow the IT infrastructure. This plan should involve the projects for legacy systems re-engineering and migration. Smart and predictable re-engineering and migration processes support the growing needs of organizations, without hindering existing business processes.

The challenges

The critical need of the re-engineering or migration process appears when organization faces issues like:

  • Legacy System Management

This process always takes money as you are required to keep a team that provides support and maintenance to your existing system. Keep in mind, that from year to year the skills required for this task become more and more rare which means that you can't grow or reorganize the team in a fast way.

  • Ensuring reliability and Quality Assurance

Technical progress is not staying still. Solutions created years ago are not as controllable and manageable as the more modern ones. There are less tools and technical features in solutions to clearly control their behavior. It becomes a real challenge to effectively manage the "black box".

  • Maintaining business agility

It is not easy to maintain the legacy software solution that supports all changes in business processes. Many times organizations find themselves missing out on opportunities as they are not able to respond fast enough to market demand, which results in lost competitive advantages.

The approach

The main objectives of the migration and re-engineering services are to help customers to reduce their costs of maintenance and allow them to upgrade their existing applications. There are several stages of readiness to start the migration or re-engineering. Depending on the stage, where the customer is at the moment, Global Spade can offer the following services:

  • Migration Assessment: Global Spade’s professionals perform a set of audits and draw the real picture for the customer regarding the most needed and efficient steps of the migration. The resulting conclusion contains current infrastructure analysis, description of weaknesses, migration strategy definition, migration roadmap definition and other materials which help the customer to make the decision regarding the migration.
  • Solution Porting: Global Spade can either suggest (after the assessment) the platform and technologies where to move to or perform the porting of the solution according to the customer’s requirements. This includes the porting to a new operating system or database, or to a completely different platform.
  • Solution Upgrade: The process of the solution upgrade means porting to a newer OS version or database version, to a newer version of the platform used or IDE/tools version.
  • Solution Re-Engineering for new/improved business functionality and operation: There is also the opportunity of business-oriented re-engineering, which includes reverse engineering, partial or full redevelopment and maintenance of the solution.
  • Data Migration: Helps to change the data storage for the solution which includes schema translation, data migration, data cleansing and data verification.

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