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Managing project means managing risks

By the Project Based approach we mean outsourcing of a specific software development task, whether it is a new solution development project, re-engineering or migration task, solution improvement or customization. The main distinctive feature of this type of engagement model is that the contract has all of the specifics of the project; like uniqueness or predefined time frame or fixed budget. This approach usually implies a fixed cost for the project and the risks are mostly on Global Spade.

With 15 years of experience utilizing the project based type of cooperation, hundreds of completed projects, both positive and negative experiences, Global Spade has a pretty good understanding of what to do, what not to do and how to do it to make the project successful.  

Usually, business dictates strict time constraints for a project. It is very important to move fast through the pre-project negotiations stage to let the project start on time. At the same time, sacrificing thorough analysis in the beginning may result in unexpected surprises later on.  


Knowledge transfer

The chosen software vendor must have ability and resources skilled enough to be able to get all the knowledge needed to start the project and transfer it to the project team. We are talking about people with a high level of analytical skills and flexible enough to get deep into the project requirements and effectively process them.

For this purpose, Global Spade has a pool of specialists with such skills as excellent communication (including foreign languages), great technical and analytical backgrounds and with a vast amount of experience participating in IT projects in a variety of different business domains. This ensures that the project team from Global Spade will not only get pure technical specification, but will also understand the actual business needs of the customer and set the main objective on creating the real added value for business and not just coding a software application.

Team building

It’s luck if your chosen software vendor has all the necessary specialists immediately available for the project. But frankly, it doesn’t happen that often. Usually, to create the best fitting team it is necessary to perform a set of internal rotations, train people and, quite often, extend the team with new specialists from outside the company.

Global Spade has a wide range of IT engineers and flexible processes for team building, including:

  • Managed pool of resources with a variety of skills inside the company;
  • Training infrastructure;
  • Up-to-date network of software engineers and IT consultants outside the company, who are ready to join the team;

Project management practices

As a software development company with the processes compliant to the CMMI level 4, Global Spade can follow the most appropriate project management methodology for the each particular project. In the case where a client has their own requirements and methodology, our Software Engineering and Process Group together with the project manager will rapidly and effective adopt and implement the chosen methodology. Otherwise, Global Spade’s team can suggest the methodology which fits specifics of the project, customer’s culture and project constraints.

One of important goals of the project team during implementation is to maintain communication with the customer, involve the customer in the project when needed, clearly and carefully manage all project changes. Global Spade has experience in implementing the processes needed to ensure that the customer will finally get what he really needs.

See our Methodology section to find more about our approach to the project management.

Delivery and transition.

To have the project finished successfully, it is essential to ensure that all project results are delivered in the right way, all project artifacts are in place and the customer knows what he has. Global Spade’s experience allows us organize the process of delivery and transition in the most effective way. Depending on the particular project, this stage can include: deployment of the solution, delivery of the technical documentation and manuals, training and knowledge transfer for the customer's technical staff, end user training, and initial support to let the solution go live.

The project based approach doesn’t mean that it is just a single case of cooperation between the parties. Often the series of projects follow the first one and each next is easier basing on the experience gained. This approach can sometimes save customers money as they do not have to pay for idle team time between projects.

Quick facts

  • We have over 15 years of the experience building project based solutions
  • We have has successfully completed hundreds projects for different customers.
  • Our projects vary from between 4 and 200 man/months.
  • We have the mature infrastructure and processes to run the distributed projects to be close to the customers. 
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