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When you are considering partnering with a software provider, there are a lot of challenging questions that come to the table

  • How do you get the company to focus on YOUR business values?
  • How can you speed up the development to get what you need in the right time?
  • How can you control the development process to guarantee that it goes the right direction and that you end up with the best solution for your needs?
  • Will achieving the best solution in the right time cost me more or is it just a matter of dealing with the right partner?
  • Finally, is there any way to achieve the above points by reducing the costs and going offshore or do I need to have a constant team on-site to support your activities? 

Considering the above challenges and based on our 15-year experience in software engineering we define the Global Spade methodology as:

 A use of Agile techniques  

supported by the flexible and adjustable framework of CMMI Practices  





Global Spade's Quality management system is based on a framework of CMMI  (Capability Maturity Model) practices (level 4). It helps us to keep all processes predictable, effective and transparent to ensure that our services meet the customer's expectations. 

 At the same time, it is extremely important to keep software development process aligned to your business needs, deliver expected results the first time, and to respond to business feedback with each delivery. These reasons are why the agile methodologies (SCRUM, XP, Crystal, ASD, FDD, DSDM, etc) have become so popular.  They basically provide a way to remove the gap between engineering and business needs. Agile methodology includes the following benefits:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

And at Global Spade we support and agree with these statements. There are other core values of the agile approach, like:  

  • Frequent and iterative deliverables that deliver business value
  • Working prototypes versus imaginary solutions
  • Effective feedback and tight collaboration
  • Centric to people not the process
  • Focus on quality (test first approach)
  • Managing expectations vs. managing requirements
  • Measure what is left to do
  • Adaptive (agile) vs. predictable (traditional) 

Taking into consideration all that has just been mentioned, the selection of the appropriate project methodology is a key success factor and is to be considered at the beginning of every project:  





We believe that it is very important to stay adaptive and, at the same time, have the ability to keep the predictability on scope, cost and results. As an example, we can refer to our most used (but not the only one) software development process:  




Do not hesitate Contacting Us about details on CMMI and Agile processes, of our project methodology and to learn how you can benefit from working with Global Spade.

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