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What’s hot in the technology field? What to know how to use the best information technology to meet your company’s business objectives? Such questions are never trivial. Rely on Global Spade’s expertise to make sure you stay on top of your competition.

At your request our experts will:

  • Evaluate your current system and advise on possible improvements
  • Provide software architecture development, review and refactoring
  • Provide technical expertise for your optimum solution
  • Advise on specific technology usage, share their knowledge and experience with your staff
  • Advise on software development methodology and tools
IT Consulting from Global Spade is your opportunity to get professional help on a specific problem, and to get answer on your questions from an experienced consultant. It could work in different ways: as onetime help with a particular issue or as a separate consulting project or as part of one of our other Services.

Go to our Contact form and ask a question or describe your problem and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Depending on the complexity of the task we will suggest the appropriate Engagement Model and will work out a fair and reasonable schedule and rate.


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