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Our Engagement Models accommodate all features that are necessary for successful collaboration:

·         Flexibility

Different ways to work with us – such as dedicated teams or single project teams.  Different project management methodologies, like RUP, XP, Scrum, etc.

·         Advanced collaboration

We are focused on efficient and effective collaboration between the parties: Client and Global Spade.

·         Scalability

We give our customers the ability to ramp up or down on projects.  Ramping up can occur by: hiring new people, involvement of more employees to the project or joining additional teams.

·         Stability

After over 15 years building solutions for our clients, we have perfected the ability to focus on long-term relationships.  We give our clients stable teams with clear and predictable rotations.

·         Communication risks

To avoid any communication risks associated with:

Different styles of communication

    • ·         Coaching and education on the senior and middle management level to work with different communication styles within the Global Spade development staff

Insufficient language skills

    • ·         100% of our team members have fluent English skills

Delays and information losses due to off-site team

    • ·         Recurrent face-to-face meetings (at the client’s site)

 Contact us to discuss which model or their combination fits best your needs.

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