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Dedicated teams and developments centers can be very efficient in certain conditions. There are different cases where this type of model is ideal. The main differentiation of this approach is that the team usually follows client's practices, methodologies and culture. They become an extension of your internal team (just like having some of your staff in another building). The customer can be sure that all activities inside the dedicated team are similar to ones he has on-site. The service provider is mostly focused on the processes of team building, team monitoring, managing customers and employee's expectations, managing the personnel related risks. And in most cases the customer (along with the assigned Global Spade project manager) is managing the projects performed by the team using its own management staff.

Dedicated team establishment

The first important point here is the ability of the service provider to build the team which fits the customer's requirements not only from the technological point of view, but also to fit the culture of the client’s organization. In addition to its own professional staff, our development center is part of the professional environment of engineers in Eastern Europe which gives us access to a huge resource pool of specialists.

If this model is chosen, we will then perform the following actions:

  • Search for the specialists and primary selection of the candidates
  • Organization of the interviews sessions if the customer wishes to participate in the selection process
  • Specialists acquisition
  • Legal work regarding employment
  • Rotation activities
  • Training
  • Administration activities (workplace, infrastructure, etc)
  • Adoption activities (can include specific trainings on the project environment, technologies used, specification learning, etc.)

Our specialists monitor the involvement and learning stages of our newest team members, managing and mitigating any risks regarding the team stability and trying to reduce the learning curve time.


Creation of a dedicated team for our customers means that the customer will transfer part of his intellectual knowledge and know-hows to the remote team. It becomes important to feel safe and to avoid any incidents regarding the shady usage of the information, information losses and damage. This issue consists of two parts:

  • Infrastructure security. Our development center is deeply experienced in the questions of organizing secure infrastructures. Some of the customers who are serviced in the development centers are, for example, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Georgia, Security Services of Ukraine and a lot of multinational enterprises which require a very high-level secured infrastructure. Based on such experience, our specialists can organize the infrastructure of the required security level, including communications security.
  • Legal security. Our approach to the legal security issues implies that we are fully responsible for all aspects of information security. It means legal responsibility as stated in the contracts with all of our customers as well as in the contracts with employees and subcontractors.

Operating the team

During the team operation period, the main objective of the service provider is to manage the teams stability and efficiency. We help our customers by transferring the companies’ spirit to the team; ensure there is a high level of the loyalty inside the team. At the operation stage, we care about the following points:

  • Risk management. We constantly monitor the “health” of the team and all the team members. In case there is a concern regarding the team stability, a manager will investigate the reason, localize the problem and perform actions to reduce risk. In a case where the level of risk is high, the manager will discuss it with the customer and plan the appropriate actions.
  • Change management. In cases where changes are required in the team, for example team growth or rotations inside the team, we are responsible for planning and performing any appropriate action. All the changes are carefully planned to avoid any impact on the team’s stability and efficiency.
  • Operational management. We are responsible for all activities, related to the staff management, infrastructure management, and communications channels.

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