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Our 3D Studio, in our Kiev office, was created back in 2004. We are excited to say that it has a portfolio of over 60 successful projects worldwide and about 25 professionals on board.


The 3D Studio is experienced in developing computer graphics for game development projects, commercials and animated movies as well as in providing stereo solutions. We use the most effective tooling; have innovative strategic technology, rigorous quality assurance, solid enterprise content management, proven infrastructure and security management and effective uninterrupted technical support in order to achieve the best results in our work.

The friendly and relaxed environment in our labs allows our art designers concentrate on complete understanding of the creative process to make every project unique and stand out from all others. 

Our 3D Studio has great artistic flare in 3D field. The services we provide to the game, film, broadcast and new media markets include:

  • Concept Art

We offer Concept Art as a part of the production process. Our artists are capable of creating the best sketches, story boards and other related drawings you need to realize any ideas you may have.

  • 3D Models Creation

We offer the following 3D Models Creation services of characters, machinery, buildings, techniques, nature, weapon etc.: models (low, mid and high poly); UV mapping; texturing (diffuse, normal map, secular map, etc), optimization for real-time or off-line renders, light and material setup

  • 3D Animation

Setup linking of bones/skeleton to model (for character animation), camera animation, character animation, cinematic video, creation of video reel and animation for video.

  • FX / Composing

FX (computer generated FX, like smoke, space, water, explosions, etc.), composing (Z-composing, assembling of video, special effects and sound), sounds effects (recording, creation, postscoring), music (composing and recording).

  • Interactive 3D Applications

Highly realistic - real-time shaders, shadows, reflection, etc; user-friendly - custom user controls, mouse and keyboard behavior; different type of application - web-based, MS Windows application, Client-Server application, different user hardware - from Tablet PC to Multi-monitor “Wall” system.

  • Stereo Solutions

Concept of stereo presentation development jointly with the client, trailer. Commercial reel development, stereo extraction from ordinary 2D video, stereo slide show development (consistency of the stereo images), interactive stereo commercial.

Our 3D Studio is uniquely positioned to fulfill client's needs worldwide. Our studio offers the most up to date technology and is equipped to handle any urgent production and/or presentation need.


Our 3D Studio is open for game development companies, advertising agencies, post production studios and all brands who want their product to “shine”.

We are always pleased to discuss your project requirements and meet any production demands by offering you a flexible service model.

We are happy to provide you with our workflow pipeline to give you the idea of our work in process, sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement to keep the confidentiality between our companies and start working on the project immediately.

We want to work with you closely to reach a solution you will be totally happy with that encompasses your design ideas and your business requirements.

For a free estimate and more information on how we can meet your requirements, please Contact Us today and do not forget to check the Project Cases.


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