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VP of Sales GlobalSpade Inc. Carlsbad, CA

Global Spade Inc. is a full service software development company.

From mobile phones to enterprise systems, we provide software development resources throughout the entireapplication development lifecycle.

We are proud to offer our “winning formula for successful outsourcing” which has been carefully tested and perfected during our almost two decade journey in the outsourcing world.

Proud to offer services throughout the entire application development lifecycle.

Projects begin with the identification of business values and requirements gathering to system development and deployment, and finally knowledge transfer and support services.

Global Spade can be engaged at any stage of the software development process.

Our ability to develop using an agile methodology means a guaranteed successful project for our clients.

Exceptional Growth Opportunities. We are looking for the entrepreneurial, highly motivated individual to become a partner and stake holder in the company.

Vice President of Sales is responsible for attracting new client companies to develop and work with major Companies to offer IT Outsourcing Services.

On 16 April, 2015 in Kiev will be held for the seventh time iForum – the biggest offline-conference in Ukraine.

Ukrainian forum of netizens is a social movement created by a group of enthusiasts.

It is dedicated to the problems of Internet development and covers the whole range of related issues.

The original idea of iForum was to gather all netizens of the country in one place for a cup of delicious coffee.

In 2009 the idea was so actual that the meeting visited more than 1,000 people.

And in 2011 the number of participants – 3743 people – was considered as a record for profile UAnet offline-events, as a result iForum has been recognized by the National Registry of Records as the largest conference in Ukraine.

In 2013 iForum gathered more than 7000 participants from Ukraine.

Over 50 leading Ukrainian and international Internet companies placed their stands and was presented a large number of local startups.

Last year in our opinion we performed an extraordinary thing: we have not just managed to organize iForum at such a difficult time for the country, but also gathered on it over 5000 participants.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who participated in this madness (in a good sense of the word) and look forward to seeing everyone again this year.


The business environment around us is constantly changing. Nowadays many businesses even hire professional software and web developers, so that they can fetch help in developing software which can reduce the manual work load. And when talking about website,software developers are the most primary demand of all those who are entering into business. But at the same time, delay in the development of website or software is also becoming very common. The primary reason behind it is the excess work load software companies have to handle today due to the increased market and less number of employees.

 Software Development delay is gradually becoming a big problem. Opening a Software development firm is the easiest way. People start with minimum employees and, in order to grab a hold over the market, they start with more projects.Projects also get delayed when they are being drifted in a wrong direction. Developers often commit this mistake. They start working just after one or two meetings with the client and after those meetings they directly meet them at the end, this creates the communication gap and thus stops the information flow creating a grudge within.

This all can be avoided very easily with the help of SDLC (Software development life cycle) process. This cycle suggests the developer to consult his client every now and then to check if the software they are developing is as per their requirements. In fact developing a prototype and keeping it in front of the client before developing the full version of the software is a much better idea, and even save the developers’ time and efforts.

Even in case, when you do not want to follow the whole cycle, just work on developing the prototype.  The best method through which you can avoid the delays is by undergoing thorough pre planned discussions and fixing the target in front of your team. You can even keep some expert review sessions.This will help you to know the pros and corns of your product. The team leader may also take suggestions from their team members, as sometimes the team members come up with excellent ideas. It is very important that you should check all the things before handing over the product to the client. Mistakes still persist to exist, for we are humans. Repetitive development should be followed in this case which helps in correcting the mistakes at early stages of development.

The Ukraine offers highly skilled IT specialists at a low cost for companies looking to develop projects within Europe. But while the honesty of its people appears to be a key selling point, problems of corruption and the possibility of social unrest remain.

When UK companies consider the option of offshoring, India tends to be the first port of call, due to its technical expertise and the cultural ties between the two countries. But that could be changing, with nearshore locations such as the Ukraine vying for a share of the market.

Figures from the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, the country's outsourcing software development alliance, reveal the Ukraine's outsourcing industry is estimated to have grown by 20% in 2010.

Pros and cons of outsourcing in the Ukraine

Max Ishenko, founder of an online community for the country's developers, says the Ukraine previously had a large number of programmers but relatively low domestic demand for them.

Ishenko is frank about the pros of cons of outsourcing in the Ukraine. "One of the problems we have is English skills, which on average are quite poor. Also, people can often be stubborn, although in a good way. If they are given a task that is wrong, they will argue with you and say it is a short-sighted thing to do, but it means people are thinking before doing. The other good thing is that programmers usually have a good education in maths or physics so they can often tackle problems that are technically complicated."

Christophe Lemoine, chief technology officer at UK-based mobile application company Chartsnow, outsourced its development work to the Ukraine several years ago, and agrees that a collaborative approach is the only way to succeed. Lemoine spends around 70% of his time in the country overseeing project work.

"Originally I was completely against the idea of going out of Switzerland [where I was based at the time], as I'd heard so many stories about projects going wrong. But as the company was starting up, nearshoring provided the best value for money with our limited resources."

Lemoine says he decided against developing in Asia because he wanted people who shared a similar culture and were based nearby. Instead he opted for the Ukraine. "Including transport costs, we spend nearly half of what we would back home for these services," he said.


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